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Handheld Laser Receivers

Our handheld laser receivers give you three ways to play.

Make short-order of your measuring work.

standard receivers

Your Rotating Laser Deserves a Spectra Precision Laser Receiver. Continual improvement combined with years of innovation and a deep understanding of what is required on the job site has led to the evolution of the best range of laser receivers around - they are often copied but never imitated. This unique range of laser receivers can be used to maximize performance.

digital display receiver

With the digital readout models, you do not even need to get the receiver to the on-grade position because it displays how far from on-grade you are - allowing you to work faster and more accurately. You can quickly estimate how much material you need to cut or fill. Choosing a Spectra Precision digital receiver is definitely the right choice to get better results and deliver greater productivity. 


Designed specifically to work with line laser to extend the range, including outdoors.


Can be used for both red and green beam line lasers. 


Need something else?

Spectra Accessories
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