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CR700 combination laser receiver

When only the best will do.

The CR700 Combination Laser Receiver is a machine mounted display receiver used on small grading and excavating equipment as well as a traditional laser receiver mounted to a grade rod or staff. The CR700 includes both a magnetic mount for quick machine mounting and a grade rod clamp.


(*Virtually Indestructible )

Key features & benefits:

cr700 clamp

CR700 includes C71 Magnetic Clamp and C70 Rod Clamp

c70 rod clamp
  • Bright LED Arrow Displays – red/green/blue LED arrows are super bright and visible in all conditions

  • Magnetic Clamp – new C71 magnetic clamp will not slip on the machine no matter how rough the work is

  • Light Bar Technology – patented laser reception technology delivers the most accurate, consistent and reliable performance

  • Laser Radio – the CR700 is radio-compatible with the GL400N / GL600N series grade lasers and the HV302 enabling the use of time saving functions such as Grade Match, Fingerprinting, PlanLok and Axis Alignment

  • IP67 – dustproof, waterproof, weatherproof

  • 3 m (10 ft) Drop Guarantee – almost destruction proof, extremely robust; eliminates downtime

  • Digital Read-Out – the CR700 provides the exact distance from on-grade numerically

  • Remote Display – pair the CR700 receiver with an HL760 receiver to be used as a remote display, useful for machine operators and site supervisors

  • Backlight – Receiver can be viewed in the dark or low light conditions

  • Vertical Drift Alarm – Warns if the laser is disturbed when using in the vertical mode

  • 3-Year Warranty – the best warranty on laser receivers


Did we mention
how bright it is?


Working Radius

(Laser Dependent)

1 m - 460 m (3 ft - 1500 ft)


Laser Detection Height

270 mm (5“)


Numeric Readout Height

102.0 mm (4“)


Internal Radio

Full 2-way communication, operation

and security lock with paired device


Radio Working Radius

Up to 200 m (660 ft), depending on orientation,

conditions and paired device




Ultra Fine 0.5 mm 0.02 in 1/32 in

Super Fine 1.0 mm 0.05 in 1/16 in

Fine 2.0 mm 0.10 in 1/8 in

Medium 5.0 mm 0.20 in 1/4 in

Coarse 10.0 mm 0.50 in 1/2 in

Machine 25.0 mm 1.00 in 1 in


Reception Angle

200° minimum

(laser & distance dependent)



Anti-strobe sensor


Detectable Spectrum

610 nm ... 780 nm

Beeper Volumes

Loud = 110 dBA

Medium = 95 dBA

Low = 65 dBA


LED Indicators

Green On-grade

Red Hi

Blue Low


Power Supply

3 x 1.5 Volt “AA” batteries


Battery Life

60+ hours; 16 continuous backlight


Weight Without Clamp

471 g (16.6 oz.)



98 x 200 x 37 mm (3.9” x 7.8” x 1.5”)


Operating Temperature

-20°C...+60°C (-4°F... +140°F)


Storage Temperature

-40°C...+70°C (-40°F...+158°F)


Automatic Shut-Off

30 minutes


CE EMC / RoHS Compliant

The CR700 rules the site.
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