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Lasers to meet every demand.

Specific jobs call for very specific functionality.

Rotating lasers



A rotating laser (also known as a rotary laser level) is an advanced laser level that spins a beam of lightning-fast enough to give the optical illusion of a solid 360-degree plane. These planes can be horizontal, or vertical. 

grade lasers



Grade Lasers are rotary lasers with the added ability to grade or set slopes manually or automatically. Durable, extremely accurate, and easy to use, grade lasers are great tools for landscaping, drainage works, and general construction jobs.

Horizontal Vertical Lasers

Horizontal /Vertical lasers are ideally suited for interior work where visible beams are necessary. Automatic self-leveling vertical alignment adds to their versatility. Receivers can also be added to increase usage outdoors.

Pipe lasers


A pipe laser is a type of construction laser that is used to measure and determine the correct grade for pipes. Essentially, this equipment shoots a high-powered beam of light at a predetermined angle to establish the appropriate grade of a construction project.

Point and line laser

They are intended for transferring points from one surface to another. This could be for making sure a joist or wall is plumb (vertical) or to ensure pipes traveling from floor to floor are plumb. Spot lasers are most commonly used for plumbing installation, electrical work, HVAC, and framing applications.

Spectra Laser Tunnel


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