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 Laser Tape Measure

Go the distance with Spectra  Precision Laser Tape Measure.

How far is far enough to get the job done?

Enhance your measuring capabilities with the Spectra Precision Laser Tape Measures, designed to go the distance in a variety of challenging environments. These meters are incredibly user-friendly; simply press a button to take accurate measurements, making them perfect for situations where traditional tape measures fall short. They are especially useful for difficult vertical measurements, cluttered job sites, and over-water scenarios. 

QM10 distance

Simply press a button to take a measurement - simple to operate and easy to use.


Designed for everyday use on the job site.

QM20 area & volume

It is handy for difficult vertical measurements, cluttered environments, over water, and other measurements for which tape measures are not convenient.

Functions include indirect measurements using the Pythagorean mode. Area and volume calculations are also possible.

Under Construction distance measure


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