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LP51 & LP51G
Laser Pointers


The Spectra LP51 & LP51G. Great
for plumbers, electricians & more

Spectra LP51 & LP51G Laser Pointers

The Spectra LP51 and LP51G 5-Beam Laser Pointers are designed to handle a wide range of interior construction applications. These rugged laser pointers offers several benefits to general and interior contractors, electricians, plumbers and a variety of tradesmen.



Performance at a glance.

Each product is equipped with the necessary accessories to complete the versatile job requirements. Mounting the laser where you need it is critical to getting the job done. Mounting over floor track, on columns, on ceiling track or on tripods - the packages include what you need.

laser performance comparison

Multiple Applications and Uses.

LP51 usageg
LP51 usage
LP51 usage

Green Machine.

Features & Benefits

Five-beam Point Lasers are ideal for one person leveling, squaring and plumb applications and ideal for point transfer floor to ceiling. General and interior contractors, electricians, plumbers and a variety of tradesmen will enhance productivity with these tools.

Beam Color - Choose high visibility green beam or economical red beam

Versatile – replaces a square, plumb bob, level, optical instruments in the toolbox


Fast and Accurate Set-up - self-leveling and advanced dampening technology

Tough and Durable - able to withstand a 3-foot (1m) drop

Compact - easily fits in your tool belt so it’s always at hand


One Button Operation provides quick, easy setup and intuitive operation. Valuable when multiple crew members use one tool.

A Compensator Lock allows the laser to provide a continuous beam regardless of tilt. This allows aligning at elevations other than horizontal. Stairways, sloped ceilings are a few examples of use. Securing the compensator also protects the laser during storage and transport.

tool belt with lp51
LP51 & LP51G
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