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Our entry-level lasers are powerful and durable.

Our Standard Line

Any space, any time, any place.


Spectra Precision is the pioneer for Pipe Lasers. The first Dialgrade® was invented by Spectra Precision in 1984. The DG613 includes the latest technology and deliver the most productive pipe laying experience in the market.



The perfect laser for the job.

All New!

When size is critical


Durable Waterproof & Dust-proof


Long Li-Ion battery life 

Remote Control 

Multiple leg set 

Roll Alert 

3 Year Warranty 

DG211 pipe laser


User-Interface Mirrors Remote

Dust & Waterproof

Advanced functions that make setting up and using it easy and accurate

Self-leveling range of

-12% to +40%


Need something else?
Spectra Accessories
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