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DG211 self-leveling
pipe laser


The thing pipe dreams are made of, this automatic self leveling pipe laser.

Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser - Gravity-Flow Sanitary Pipe

 The DG211 is a compact, automatic self-leveling pipe laser used for installing gravity-flow sanitary pipe. With a grade range of -20% to +30%, it can handle a wide variety of jobsite requirements. The compact design is specifically designed to fit in 100 mm (4 in) pipe diameters. 

Available to order in UK, EMEA & APAC

DG211 Gravity

Embrace Gravity.

Our dynamic duo.

DG211 Vertical.

The DG211

The laser ships with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack that provides up to 36 hours of use. Alkaline batteries can be used as a backup to power the laser at the jobsite, so there is no worry for power issues or forgetting to recharge. 


The DG211 also comes with legs to center in 125 mm (5 in) pipe. The feet are removed to center in 100 mm (4 in) pipe. Optional sets are available for various sizes of pipe up to 300 mm (12 in). 

Remote Control RC201

IR operating range (front, through pipe) 150m 

IR operating range (back) 10m 

Power source 2 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries 

Weight 153 g / 0.34 lbs w/o batteries 

Dimensions 148 x 79 x 33 mm / 5.83 x 3.11 x1.3 in 

Warranty 2 Years 

DG211 Alert.png

ttle. Roll. Alert

Features & Benefits

Automatic self-leveling 

Grade Range of -20% to +30% 

Level Accuracy 1.5mm @ 30m (1/16 inch @ 100 ft) 

Working range of 150m (500 ft) 

Durable Waterproof and Dust-proof 

Long Li-Ion battery life with alkaline backup 

Remote Control for ease of operation 

Multiple leg set for various pipe diameters 

Roll Alert if pipe laser is moved beyond limit 

3 Year Warranty 


Accuracy, Level 1 

± 1.5 mm / 30 m (1/16” @ 100 ft.)


Accuracy, Grade 1 

± 9 mm / 30 m (1/4” @ 70 ft.) 

Accuracy, Grade, Temperature 

± 0.6 mm / 30 m per °Celsius 

(± 3/128” @ 100 ft.; per 1.8°Fahrenheit) 

Operational Area

Up to 150 m (500 feet) 

Laser Type 

600 – 680 nm 

Laser Class 

3A/3R OR 2 

Grade Range 

-20% to +30% 

Self-Leveling Range 

-10% to +25% 

Battery Life Li-Ion Pack 

36 hrs 

Li-Ion Pack Charging Time 

< 6 hrs 

Alkaline Batteries Back Up 

4 x C-Cells 

Operating Temperature 

-10°C to 50°C (14°F to122°F) 

Storage Temperature 

-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F) 

Dust and Waterproof 



2868 g (6.3 lbs) (inlcl. Li-Ion pack) 

Product Length 

372 mm (14.65 in) 


96 mm (3.78 in) 


3 Years 

DG211 Pipes.png
Best in small places. DG211
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