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Performance to match your high-level needs.

Our Premium Pipe Laser Line

Premium performance for good reason.

DG813 premium pipe laser

Spectra Precision is the pioneer for Pipe Lasers. The DG813 and DG613G include the latest technology and deliver the most productive pipe laying experience.



Which laser is right for you?

DG613G pipe laser

Bright, Visible Green Beam

Compact Length

User-Interface Mirrors Remote

Dust & Waterproof

Self-leveling range of

-12% to +40%

Quicker more accurate set-up

DG813 pipe laser

Bright visible beam works up to 150 m (500 ft)

Spot Align & Spot Matching

Flexible power options that provide up to 40 hours operating time

Self-leveling range of -12%

to +40% over the entire

grade range

IP68 protection


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