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Spectra Line Lasers

Spectra line lasers the perfect companion
for indoor measurements.

The go-to interior laser.

IT58G line laser

Crossline layout laser tools give you enough plumb, level and square references to finish a room in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional tools. One self-leveling set-up and you can install walls, windows, doors, cabinets, chair rails, counters and anything else that needs to be right.




Which laser is right for you?

IT20G line laser

LT20 has red beam​

LT20G has green beam​

Accuracy of 1/8 in @ 50 ft 

Lithium-Ion batteries

Automatic self-leveling

Optimized for ceiling work

Compensator lock

Full 3–year warranty

Premium Performance

IT58G line laser

Bright crisp laser lines

Lithium-Ion batteries

Versatile mounting accessory

Accuracy of 1/8 in @ 50 ft

360 degree planes of laser light

2 vertical planes 90 degrees

Full 3–year warranty


Need something else?
Spectra Accessories
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