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Excavating & Grading

When one device should do it all.

Sometimes you need even more .

Spectra Precision Excavating And Grading Receivers

The Spectra Precision® collection of combination excavating and grading receivers are second to none and wield incredible power, durability and most important...reliability when it matters most. Everyday.



Which receiver is right for you?


Allows operator to check

grade from the cab


Reduces rework because material is moved only one time


Increases overall operator

and machine efficiency,

saving fuel and time


Can easily and quickly be moved from one machine

to another


Built-in Blade Tilt Indicator

Wireless compatibility with the wireless remote control


Center On-Grade

Offset On-Grade

Built-in Plumb Indicator 

Six channels of grade information plus directional out-of-laser beam indicators

Adjustable, Ultra-Bright LED


Need something else?

Spectra Accessories
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