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Lasers with pin-point accuracy.

Dual grade lasers.

Our best seller for good reason.

GL1425C Grade Laser

Built for Grade Professionals, the Spectra Precision Series of grade lasers are the most advanced grade lasers on the market. Delivering industry leading performance and accuracy, you can be sure that if you need to work with grade over long distances and require high accuracy all of our dual grade series delivers.




Which laser is right for you?

GL1425C Grade Laser

Automatic Self-Leveling

Precision Accuracy

Grade Match calculates unknown grade between two points

Displays existing grade ground

over unknown ground

Digital Readout Receiver

UL633N Grade Laser

Advanced Functions

Grade Matching & Plane Lock

Planelok & Radio Receivers

IR Version

Long Range

GL722 Grade Laser

Highest Accuracy

Longest Range

Sealed & Waterproof

Advanced Radio Remote


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