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QM20 Laser Distance Meter

QM20 Laser Distance Meter

QM20 Laser Distance Meter
Fast, smart, light in your pocket.

The Spectra Precision® QM20 Laser Distance Meter is compact, fitting comfortably in your hands and in your pocket or tool belt. Simply press a button to take a measurement – simple to operate and easy to use. Functions include indirect measurements using the Pythagorean mode. A tilt sensor is visible on the LCD. Area and volume calculations are also possible.

q20 laser distance meter

Always thinking. Always calculating.

No matter where you are or what you need, this tool is never a step behind, but rather a step ahead. With a powerful calculus feature that measures area and volume, the QM20 can provide as much advanced technical measurement as you need, quickly and precisely.


Indirect measurements using

the Pythagorean mode

  • The ability to do multiple calculations at one time

  • Complex readings made simple

  • Always precise



Measuring Range

0.1 m to 50 m (0.3 to 165 ft)



± 2.0 mm typical (± 1/12 in)



Measure, Area, Volume, Pythagoras theorem, memory 50 measures


Measure Reference

Front, Rear


Automatic Shut-Off

Laser - 1 minute

Product - 10 minutes


Battery Life

8000+ measures

Power Supply

2 x AAA x 1.5V


48 x 24 x 116 mm

( 1.9 x 0.9 x 4.6 in)

Power Indication

LCD 3 segments

Operating Temperature

-10⁰C to +40⁰C

(14⁰F to 104⁰F)


Storage Temperature

-20⁰C to +65⁰C

(-4⁰F to 149⁰F)


Laser Safety

Class II as per EN 60825-1:2007; IEC 60825-1:2007 CFR 21 § 1040 (FDA)


Laser Type

620-690 nm visible red / <1 mW max


79 g (2.8 oz) without batteries


  • Accurate and reliable, no sagging tape

  • Fast point and shoot measurements, easy to operate

  • Measuring range of 165 feet (50 m)

  • Accuracy of +/- 1/12 inch (+/- 2.0 mm) over the entire range

  • Indirect measurements using the Pythagorean mode

  • Tilt sensor readout on LCD

  • Area and Volume calculations

  • Long battery life – 8000+ measures

  • Last measurement memory and storage

  • Backlit display for ease of viewing in low light conditions

  • Selectable units of measure

  • 2-year warranty


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Step up to the QM20.
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