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Our History.

It all started in the 1960's.

First established as the surveying and construction division of Spectra Physics, Spectra Precision now brings together some of the biggest names in the Surveying, Construction and Accessory industries. 

Robert Studebaker.png

Robert Studebaker of Dayton, Ohio, invented, developed, and produced the Laser Plane, the first modern alternative to the liquid level. Studebaker began work in 1964 and worked with a salesman from Perkin-Elmer, the first manufacturer of lasers in the United States to create the Laser Plane. A factory was built to manufacture the planes. The company now belongs to Spectra Precision. A complex instrument, the Laser Plane combines mechanics, optics, and electronics to solve civil engineering problems. This collection contains original, master, and reference videos documenting Robert Studebaker, inventor of the LaserPlane.


For more than 55 years, Spectra Precision has been an innovation leader in the construction industry worldwide. We understand what our customers need on the job every day because we have always made communication and listening to our customers a top priority. We also employ the best engineers and technical specialists we can find to ensure that our reputation for innovation and quality never fades. This company’s focus: communication and innovation, is why we bring new technologies to market in easy-to-use, highly efficient products designed with the commercial construction market-foremost in mind. We believe in technological quality, precision, and competitiveness. We believe in work well done. Spectra Precision products are reliable and long-lasting, with an excellent Return on Investment value.

Spectra Precision products help provide control for elevation, grade, vertical alignment, and 90-degree layout for both interior and exterior construction. They are ruggedly designed to withstand harsh on-the-job conditions including drops from as much as three feet onto concrete; rain; mud; even brief immersion. Temperature extremes, humidity, and clumsy handling will not harm Spectra Precision products. They are meant for real-world reliability.

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