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Excavating Receivers

Built with the specifics of your job in mind.

So much power for so little.

LR20 excavating receiver

The Spectra Precision® collection of Laser Machine Display Receivers allows machines to achieve tighter tolerances without the need for a grade checker. Excavating machinery can be more productive while improving accuracy and saving material usage costs.




Which receiver is right for you?


Designed specifically for compact machinery


8-inch, 360-degree laser reception provides large working area and range

Built in plumb indicator for fast, accurate grade checking in mini- excavator applications


Super bright grade display with green “on-grade” LEDs provides superior depth/elevation indication


Built-in plumb indicator for fast, accurate grade checking for graders

Check grade with dipper is extended or retracted with ACE mode

LR60W is used with the wireless remote display

Offset on-grade for productive excavation provides additional above grade information for less undercuts


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