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Spectra Precision® Survey Office software is ideal for processing and analyzing GPS and GNSS, and optical survey data recorded in the field, and exporting it to a design package. The software provides numerous innovative and unique features, and it is easy to learn and use. With Spectra Precision Survey Office software on your PC you have the ability to work with RTK and Static/PPK data to generate reports as well as identify and correct field errors. Import data from existing surveys or directly from the Internet and export data as points, or in CAD or XML format. Rest assured that your data is secure and reliable with built-in quality assurance and quality control features. The intuitive, integrated Spectra Precision Survey Office program saves time with its short learning curve and powerful features.

Survey data acquired in the field using a total station and contained in a data file can be imported into the software and integrated as necessary with other data collected as part of a survey project (for example, GNSS or level data).

The Spectra Precision Survey Office software is powerful and configurable, yet easy-to-use. The user interface features options that are familiar to Microsoft Office users. Drag-and-drop compatible files from your computer directly into an open project and the Spectra Precision Survey Office software analyzes the file to determine its type and how it needs to be processed. Visualization tools such as Plan views, 3D views, time-based data views and session editors help you "see" the data in the context of the entire project.

The Spectra Precision Survey Office software provides surveyors and engineers with advanced technology, integrating common tasks into a single system. Process and review RTK, Static, FastStatic, and stop-and-go Kinematic data. Spectra Precision Survey Office also performs data reduction, computation, QA/QC and network adjustment. Control data can be exported to the field software for use in the field.

Contact your local reseller to obtain a free 30-day activation code.

Survey Office - Specifications

Product specifications

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    Survey Office - Datasheet

    Survey Office - Support

    Technical support

    For front-line technical support please contact your Spectra Precision reseller.
    For Spectra Precision support contacts, click here.

    Contact your local reseller to obtain a free 30-day activation code.

    Download Spectra Precision Survey Office (SPSO):
    Note: 64-bit versions of SPSO (v3.x) require a 64-bit operating system.






    Note: To use licensed features of SPSO 3.1x you will need a HASP key, and a valid license for v3.1x. NOTE: the license for v3.1x is NOT the same license as for v2.9x, for information about purchasing a licensed copy of SPSO 3.1x, contact your Spectra Precision distributor.


    Note: To use licensed features of SPSO 2.9x you will need a HASP key, and a valid warranty. The build date of SPSO 2.95 is 1st Oct 2013. For information about purchasing a licensed copy of SPSO 2.9x, contact your Spectra Precision distributor.

    Note: To use this upgrade, you must have a HASP key with a valid warranty. Warranty note: Build Date (Entitlement Date) for this version is 1st Oct 2013. Users with warranties that expired before this date will be able to install this update, but they WILL NOT be able to use licensed features.

    Download Config Utility

    • Spectra Precision Survey Office Config Update(4460 KB)

      File last updated: 1 Feb 2012
      Notes: This utility updates SPSO 2.6x to support the EPOCH 50 GNSS and ProMark 800 receivers.
      On most modern Windows operating systems, you must have 'administrator' permissions to install the new files.
      Instructions: To install the new files:
        1. Click on the link above and download the file to your computer.
        2. Save the file to an appropriate folder.
        3. Once the download is complete, navigate to the folder you downloaded the utility to, and double-click on the file to run the utility.

    Download the RINEX
     converter utility

    • RINEX Converter, convertToRINEX(2638 KB)

      Utility for converting EPOCH 50 post process T02 files to RINEX. Note: the Spectra Precision Survey Office Config Update (found at the top of this page) will install configuration files used by this utility and must be installed prior to operation of this utility.

    Survey Office - Application

    Below is the list of applications targetted with this product.

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    Updated: June 14, 2015

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