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FAST Survey ™ is a graphical field software solution designed to optimize the functions on, performance and control of the Spectra Precision receivers for topography and building applications. FAST Survey Provides innovative, flexible support for a wide-range of instruments and data formats (Including - -Other GNSS receiver and total station brands). Graphical Displays FAST Survey is a graphical, easy-to-use field solution. A scaleable map view displays dots and lines as They Are surveyed, Offering wide-print controls for rapid, reliable data collection . Background maps and color lines Can Be defined. An intuitive UI-combining tabs and icons That means clustering clustering mission critical menus are visible from all screens and no time is scrolling through menus Spent in the field. FAST Survey software is a standard Offering you all Spectra Precision data collectors, Including MM10 DC, DC ProMark 100, T41, Nomad and Ranger 3. Harness the Power of Spectra Precision GNSS Receivers SPECIFICALLY designed to optimize the advanced features of Spectra Precision receivers, FAST Survey features innovative UHF radio control and GSM / GPRS modem operation. These advanced communications technologies Reduce time troubleshooting RTK data links and keep your focus on productive surveying. Full Wireless Control Ensures a robust, reliable, cable-free RTK rover, Reducing the cost and trouble of Being wired to the equipment. The Ability to collect single coordinate shots, full RTK vectors, raw GNSS data or all kinds of data CONCURRENTLY flexible solutions for changing Provides Needs. Advanced Features and Options Integrated control of GNSS systems, conventional total stations and robotic total stations (options) is a snap , with seamless transitions within the same job queue. The flexible, modular structure of FAST Survey Enables you to meet the changing Needs of today's and tomorrow's job opportunity. Rich attributing, full editing in the field and export to industry standard data formats Provides true field -to-finish capability, saving time and effort. Advanced features like offset staking, slope staking, cut-sheet export and road templates (optional) Deliver productivity for road construction projects, putting off projects Even Within Reach. Support for industry standard file formats like DXF, SHP, LandXML and RW5 opens channels of compatibility with client software. Take control and work with the best tool for the job - FAST Survey.

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    Updated: February 26, 2015

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