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The AL series automatic levels are designed for a variety of elevation control and alignment tasks including general building construction, cut and fill measurements, area leveling, and landscaping.

The levels are easy to set up and attaches quickly to flat or domed head tripods. An adjustable built-in bubble mirror can be tilted for easy viewing of the circular bubble in any position. A built-in optical peep sight and double-sided endless tangent drives allow for easy targeting and operation with either hand.

Reliable automatic compensators ensure stability and accuracy in the line of sight. Telescope optics are bright and clear providing sharp images for ease of viewing. A short focusing distance provides for better performance in tight spots or on steep slopes. Stadia lines on the reticle make distance calculations easy. Angle measurements are quick and convenient with the horizontal scale located directly below the eyepiece.

Rugged metal housings provide increased durability. Weather resistant housing design and rubber and plastic controls ensure the instruments can continue working even in adverse environmental conditions. All models include a hard-shell carrying case, plumb bob, rain hood, allen wrench, adjusting pin, and manual.

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    Updated: December 23, 2013

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