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  • Ranger 3

    The third generation Spectra Precision® Ranger™ Data Collector offers a large bright touch-screen, full alpha-numeric, easy to operate, keypad, and is packed with the features surveyors expecc to work outside in a rigorous environment.
    Featured highlights
    • Large, bright, sunlight- readable color VGA screen
    • Meets MIL-STD-810G standards
    • IP67 rating
    • SDHC card slot and USB connections
    • 30+ hour rechargeable battery
    • Windows Mobile 6 5
    • Integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Compass and GPS
  • Spectra Precision® T41™

    The Spectra Precision® T41™ Data Collector is rugged, powerful, connected and compact, offering high performance with a high-resolution outdoor readable display.
    Featured highlights
    • Rugged design with 4.3" display protected by Gorilla® Glass
    • Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 OS
    • 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash
    • Bluetooth, WiFi and 3.75G cellular connectivity
    • 1 GHz CPU with 512 MB RAM and 16 GB Flash storage
    • Full-Day battery life
    • Support for 10 languages
  • ProMark 120 DC

    The Spectra Precision ProMark 120 Data Collector comes with Spectra Precision Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software, built-in GSM/GPSS modem, an integrated professional GNSS and 3M pixels digital camera, making it an extremely versatile and powerful device for any surveyor.
    Featured highlights
    • Outstanding GPS & GLONASS performance
    • Extended productivity in obstructed conditions
    • Unpaired ease-of-use in the field
    • Versatile solution: post-processing, RTK, GIS
  • Nomad 900

    The Spectra Precision® Nomad® Data Collector, packed with functionality, is an extremely powerful and full-featured rugged data collector.
    Featured highlights
    • Full VGA display
    • Meets MIL-STD-810F standards
    • IP68 rating
    • Backlit Numeric keypad
    • 806 MHz processor
    • Bluetooth
    • Optional integrated GPS, Wi-Fi 802 11g, WWAN, and camera
    • 15-hour rechargeable battery
    • Windows Mobile 6 1
  • Recon 400

    The Spectra Precision Recon® data collector delivers maximum performance and reliability in a lightweight, extremely rugged design that’s easy to carry.
    Featured highlights
    • Weighs just 490 grams (17 oz.)
    • Meets MIL-STD-810F standards
    • IP67 rating
    • Two CompactFlash (CF) slots
    • 400 MHz processor
    • Integrated Bluetooth
    • 15 hour rechargeable battery
    • Windows Mobile 6
  • MobileMapper 20 DC

    The Spectra Precision MobileMapper 20 Data Collector is a very lightweight but rugged device with extremely long battery life (>20 hours) for all-day-long operations. It comes with advanced and complete Spectra Precision Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software.
    Featured highlights
    • Spectra Precision Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software
    • Large, bright, sunlight-readable color VGA screen
    • Dust- and waterproof
    • Weighs just 380g (13oz)
    • Built-in 5M pixel digital camera
    • Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
    • Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5G GSM and GPS
    • Over 20 hours battery life

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Updated: January 22, 2013