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  1. FAST Survey
    FAST Survey software is a graphical field solution designed to optimize the functionality, performance and control of the Spectra Precision receivers for topography and construction applications. FAST Survey provides innovative, flexible support for a wide range of instruments and data formats (including other GNSS receiver and total station brands).
  2. Recon 400
    The Spectra Precision Recon® data collector delivers maximum performance and reliability in a lightweight, extremely rugged design that’s easy to carry.
  3. GNSS Solutions
    GNSS Solutions is a comprehensive office software with all of the tools required to successfully process GPS, GLONASS and SBAS survey data. Focusing on simplicity, GNSS Solutions guides you through planning, processing, quality control, reporting, data exporting and more.
  4. MobileMapper 10 DC
    The Spectra Precision MobileMapper 10 Data Collector is a very lightweight but rugged device with extremely long battery life (> 20 hours) for all-day-long operations. It comes with advanced and complete Spectra Precision Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software.
  5. Ranger 3
    The third generation Spectra Precision® Ranger™ Data Collector offers a large bright touch-screen, full alpha-numeric, easy to operate, keypad, and is packed with the features surveyors expecc to work outside in a rigorous environment.

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