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How to Return a Product ?

Spectra Precision is pleased to announce that all its products, including the legacy Ashtech GNSS products, now follow the same product repair and service exchange process. This process as well as the warranty coverage statement are outlined below.
Product Issue Upon Receipt
If you find a product is not compliant to your order within 30 days of the receipt, please contact your usual Spectra Precision support by phone of go to the Trimble Support Services Portal at http://support.trimble.com describing the issue you are faced with. They will ensure the appropriate action is taken to solve it.

Product Repair/Service Exchange Process
If a product fails after 30 days from receipt, go to Trimble Support Services Portal at http://support.trimble.com and submit a service work order (SWO) request to have the product repaired. You will receive information to send your defective product to one of the following Trimble Regional Service Center locations:
  Raunheim, Germany, Europe       Dayton, Ohio USA
  Tel. 49-7112-2954-460                   Tel.  1-888-409-2904
  Repair_services@trimble.com      Repair_services@trimble.com  

  Chennai, India                                  Shanghai, China
  Tel.  91-44-42869466                     Tel.  4006709659 (within China only)
  Repair_services@trimble.com      Tel.  1-720-259-9998 (outside China)

Warranty Coverage
Standard Spectra Precision factory warranty period for all products begins on the day the end user receives the new product. If the product is delivered to the end user more than 120 days from the date the product was shipped from Trimble, a copy of the purchase invoice may be required to validate the warranty period. Failure to provide proof of the sale date will result in the warranty period beginning 120 days from the Trimble ship date.