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Data Collectors

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  1. Ranger 3
    The third generation Spectra Precision® Ranger™ Data Collector offers a large bright touch-screen, full alpha-numeric, easy to operate, keypad, and is packed with the features surveyors expecc to work outside in a rigorous environment.
  2. T41


    The Spectra Precision® T41™ Data Collector is rugged, powerful, connected and compact, offering high performance with a high-resolution outdoor readable display.
  3. Nomad 900
    The Spectra Precision® Nomad® Data Collector, packed with functionality, is an extremely powerful and full-featured rugged data collector.
  4. ProMark 120 DC
    The Spectra Precision ProMark 120 Data Collector comes with Spectra Precision Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software, built-in GSM/GPSS modem, an integrated professional GNSS and 3M pixels digital camera, making it an extremely versatile and powerful device for any surveyor.
  5. MobileMapper 20 DC
    The Spectra Precision MobileMapper 20 Data Collector is a very lightweight but rugged device with extremely long battery life (>20 hours) for all-day-long operations. It comes with advanced and complete Spectra Precision Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software.

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