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  1. Ranger 7

    The Ranger 7 Data Collector, with its rugged and sunlight readable 7-inch touch screen, full keypad, and Windows 10 Pro operating system, is built to hit mark for surveyors requiring an easy-to-use, rugged, cost-effective data collector. The Ranger 7 comes with either Survey Pro or Layout Pro depending on your needs. With the full-features Windows 10 operating system, the Ranger 7 can also handle many other apps that will help make you more productive.

  2. Ranger 3

    第三代Spectra Precision® Ranger™数据采集器提供了一个明亮的大触摸屏、全字母数字、操作方便、键盘,并配备测量师所依赖的各项功能,帮助在严酷的环境中进行户外作业。

  3. T41


    Spectra Precision® T41™数据采集器坚固强大、连通紧凑、室外可读的高分辨率显示屏赋予高功效。

  4. Spectra Precision Nomad 1050

    Spectra Precision Nomad® 1050是个坚固耐用的手持式计算机,内置许多功能,使之成为优化的、易于使用的外业数据采集器。 它提供您所需要的一切功能,包括:一个5200mAh锂离子电池,可连续使用可超过15个小时;8 GB的存储;高分辨率、阳光下可读的VGA彩色显示器,可清晰显示图像、地图和数据。 所有这一切都集成在一个IP68等级、完全坚固耐用的设备中。...

  5. MobileMapper 50

    The MobileMapper® 50 is an Android 6 GIS data collector which offers state of the art smartphone capabilities combined with rugged professional quality and improved GNSS performance.