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Mapping and GIS help in the collection, management and visualization of data, making decisions easier and quicker and optimizing operating expenses

  • MobileMapper 300

    The MobileMapper 300 is a smart antenna designed to be used in combination with a wide variety of mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers. The MobileMapper 300 solution is compatible with Android mobile devices and is ready to work with any GIS application.
    Featured highlights
    • Accuracy on many mobile devices
    • Compatible with Android mobile devices
    • Straight forward integration with any GIS application
    • Scalable from mapping grade to full RTK accuracy
    • Compact, light weight and configuration-free GNSS receiver
    • SPace control application for all required GNSS settings ( available  on Google Play , free of charge)
  • MobileMapper 120

    MobileMapper® 120 is the newest generation of handheld mapping
    devices from Spectra Precision. Designed for GIS data collection and mapping, the MobileMapper 120 integrates an open operating system, built-in communications and Ashtech’s powerful Z-Blade technology.
    Featured highlights
    • Sub-meter real time accuracy modes
    • Integrated communications
    • Flexible and powerful platform
    • Ruggedized for professional use
    • Very lightweight and compact design
  • MobileMapper 20

    Powerful and complete, MobileMapper
    20 is the ideal enabling tool for a huge
    range of positioning applications.
    With MobileMapper 20, organizations
    will improve the quality of their
    georeferenced information and their field productivity, yielding reduced operational costs.
    Featured highlights
    • Real time meter accuracy
    • Ready to use mapping solution
    • Integrated communications
    • Outstanding battery life
    • Ruggedized for professional use

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Updated: October 4, 2012